Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School - Kinda

I am not an organized person. I usually decide the night before when the first day of school is going to be. Not optimal or ideal, but reality.

So, today was our first day of school. No tradition, just "get out your pencils and get to the table" Did you know that every first day of school for the past 4 years I have had a major work interruption? Today was no different. Hubby left for a trip - had to catch a plane, so time was a factor. Hubby started packing at 10 and had to leave by 10:30. Car battery died, too. That would be my fault. Door left open. Oh to have a car with auto shut off lights. Hubby was able to pack and jump start the car and leave on time. Women are not like that. Pack for a trip in less than 30 minutes right before you walk out the door? I did stand in the room and guard him from talking on the phone. No. answering. phone. calls. Period. Stressed yet?

The big interruption? Morning staff meeting postponed. Waited and waited for the updated time. 11 am. Nice for school wouldn't you say? No morning work done at our house. So boys cleaned their room instead. Cameron? She was supposed to be unloading the dishwasher.

Oh, did I mention that Mark decided Sunday would be deep cleaning day? This weekend was my time to get all organized (HA!) for homeschooling. Not a good combination. So, Sunday my boys started a ransack on their room and a throw-away-junk-kind-of-cleaning-the-room-day. You still can't walk in their room.

So, after taking eldest daughter her lunch at work, we finally settled down to start our school day at 1:30. This year we have changed ALL of our curriculum except Math. So, I timed how long the lessons would take. I guess you could call today a trial and time day. Once again, I didn't get to Cameron. How is that girl ever going to learn? And both she and Raeley lost their math books from last year they weren't quite finished with. Seriously? They had them two weeks ago and now they are gone?

Then I got last minute emails from staff wanting things updated TODAY. So I had to stop school for almost an hour to make up for their lack of planning. Like I didn't see that coming.

Try as I might, I guess today is starting out like every other school year. YUCK. Although I want to rhyme with yuck, I won't. I'm gonna have to bathe this year in prayer. I am determined to make it different and be there for my kids.

Note to employees: Please behave. My kids are depending on it. Note to self: It's OK if employees fail. It will probably be good for them.

Note to kids: This year will be different. Note to Cameron: That's a pinky promise.

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