Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lindsay's Wedding

This is a post from back in August of my niece's wedding:

We recently went to Texas for my niece's wedding. It is very neat to see my nieces and nephews as they grow up, come into their own as we say, and fall in love. She is the first niece to get married, and I think that made it extra special. We felt more a part of the wedding being on the bride's side of it. I adore her husband as much as I adore my nephews' wives - which is quite a lot.
Her wedding was such a special event. She wanted all of her cousins on our side of the family to have a part in it -which is quite a task since my parents have 16 grandchildren. But she did it! The boys passed out programs, Raeley did an awesome job reading a passage of scripture (1 Cor 13 of course!) and Cameron was a flower girl. Daniel (the groom) has a great family and it was fun getting to know them and know that he has such a good background. His mom had a stroke a year or so ago and I was shocked to see her walk down the isle. It was such a great way to start the wedding and a very special moment. And yes, I bawled. I really didn't think I could make it through the wedding, but I did regain composure. I can only imagine how hard she worked to be able to do this. It was a beautiful ceremony. The bride looked absolutely stunning. She outshone everyone with her beauty by far that night!
Let me just say that the food was delicious and I only wish I could have sampled every piece of chocolate at the chocolate bar! I was miserably full so I headed out to the dance floor. Mark asked me tonight -aren't you glad our boys like to dance with their momma? Indeed I am! The dance floor was full all night. The band was incredible -really in tune with the crowd. You know when the crowd forms a circle and people can dance in it? I couldn't believe it when my mom danced across the circle with Lindsay's other grandmother. A long time friend, Gregg Jones, pushed my dad out, and he was hilarious! Mark broke a move in the middle (which didn't surprise me, I know he's still got his moves!). It was very entertaining!

The night went by oh-too-fast. The finale was the
m driving off in an antique Rolls Royce. I was standing next to my sister (Mother of the bride) when Lindsay stopped to hug her mom goodbye. Denise said, "Oh, you're really leaving!" It was a sweet moment.

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