Monday, July 26, 2010

Teaching What's important

As the school year approaches, I find myself constantly evaluating:
What do I want my kids to learn this year?
What are our goals for them socially, spiritually, emotionally?
I mean, I have their educational needs figured out:
SPELLING work, writing faster, math for Jonathan, things like that.

How do they do in "society"?
Do they know their manners in public, at the dinner table, in different situations?
Do they know how to react to kids who are unfair, mean, hurting, nice?
Do they know how to make friends?

How do they do in their walk with God?
How is their prayer life?
Is there any disconnect between their spiritual life and social life?
Can they read and understand the Bible, and are they doing that daily?

I find holding up a mirror at this point is helpful and also daunting. Our children are the best reflection of us.

I haven't been thinking about curriculum lately, I've already done that, and it is arriving in the mail daily. I've been thinking about the important stuff. We are starting a dating book with Raeley and we are going to go through the book How to Win Friends and Influence People with all the kids. Raeley may have the opportunity to attend a seminar called Success Skills which will help her develop her leadership abilities. Raeley, Robert and Jonathan will have a significant increase in their time helping prepare dinner during the week. I'd love to give the kids more background in music. They are very motivated in art. I'd like to keep that going. Raeley's photography is outstanding. How can we support her in that?
We only have three more years of high school with Raeley. It's going to go by very quickly!

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Raeley said...

I had no idea that we're going to start a dating book...