Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You don't have to use words to be mean

My twin sister is homeschooling her daughter now.
I don't think she ever thought she would homeschool, but she'll be great.
I mean, really great.
One of those homeschool moms I would look at and go, wow, I never would have thought of doing that with my kids! Of course, that was back in the day when I had time to put a little creativity in my homeschooling. Now I buy creative homeschool curriculum.

Sweet Angela, seven years old. Kissed by an angel on her cheek (birthmark) and teased mercilessly by the kids at school. So unhappy this past year. Now she's happy and safe because she doesn't have to go to back to that place anymore.
But she still cries about it.

Sweet Angela, with the big eyes and charming smile. She had to endure children pointing and laughing at her on a daily basis. She had to endure the kids passing notes about her. Worst of all, she had to endure kids acting as if she didn't exist. She didn't put this into words earlier for her mom to bring her home sooner. Oh, there were teacher meetings, and dealing with bullies who would verbally tease. The kids learned. It's not what they said. It wasn't the words that hurt. Sometimes it's about asking the right questions. Sometimes it's about understanding the definitions.

Bullying. It can even happen in the home. Do my kids bully each other? Do I listen when they tell me about what one of their siblings did to them? Bullying - here is a beautiful post with a recommended book read,The Wounded Spirit by Frank Peretti. I'm getting the book. And I'm going to listen to my kids.

Sometimes it's hard to live so far away when cousins need hugs. And cousins need to give hugs. Daughters #2 and #3 may be coming home next year to learn also. Pray for them, will ya?

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weavermom said...

I'm so glad your sister has the time and motivation to homeschool and protect her from daily harassment. So sad that it comes to that... She looks so precious!