Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Nutcracker

Cameron was in the Nutcracker this year. Tupelo puts on a really great performance for a small town. I was very impressed when I went to my first performance our second year living in Tupelo. Now that we have been a part of the production, I am very impressed with the hard work that goes into it.

It was such a good experience for her. She really came out of her shell talking to friends and adults. She was concerned about her costume, and even talked to the director, to ask her about the shoes. She was a toy, so it was a fun part to play. We dressed her up as a Jester and she really liked her outfit!
My parents were able to come in for the performance, on the left, and Mark's parents are on the right.
Raeley had a great time taking photos of the event. She did a great job! Not all the photos in this post are from Raeley. You can see more of her Nutcracker photos on her blog.

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