Saturday, February 20, 2010

Library re-design

Imagine for a minute that your library was getting a make-over and you had a blank check to add anything to it that you could. What would you add? What would you change? Think about your library and tell me what your favorite thing about it is. The Tupelo library is making some changes and they are looking for input.

For those of you who are not from Tupelo, reading this blog, as a homeschool mom, when I moved to Tupelo, I about flipped out when I stepped into the library. It is OUTDATED and not a visually stimulating place. The books are also not organized very well. Sometimes I miss the libraries in Houston like a friend.

So, what are your thoughts? What would you like in a library? Rooms for studying? Sunrooms? Teen rooms with what features? How about for the younger kids? What should that area look like? How should the money be allocated, especially when you consider that the state of Mississippi has drastically cut spending to libraries, leaving the money to come from the city and county?

How do you think Kindles and Ipads and books as mp3 files will affect the future of libraries?

What will bring more foot traffic into the libraries?

Who (do you think) are the clients of libraries?

How can businesses use the library?

Thanks for your help!


Roan said...

I have to admit that I rarely use the library anymore....20 minute drive, old, musty books, no parking, hard to find books that I need....
maybe a facelift will inspire me to visit the library again! I would love to know what big city libraries are like!
We missed you at bowling yesterday.

weavermom said...

Our library here is amazing! Here's the website so you can see what they have...'

My favorite thing is that I can request online any book that the system has and they will bring it to the library for me. The website has the book, usually a picture of the cover, description, etc... It is so much easier than browsing actual books at the library.

A good kids room is essential IMO. Colorful, closed off from the rest of the library so they don't have to be so quiet, a space for story times. In our community, LOTS of people with kids under 5 come to those.

Our library also has audio books, download books, etc..

A meeting room that can be reserved at little or no charge. Perfect for Chamber events, small business trainings, etc..

And the other room that I use at our library is what they call a reading room. It has chairs scattered around. Some have tables and the library provides WiFi, so a great place to go lesson plan when I need a little quiet.

I sincerely believe that a library can be such a HUGE asset to a community and is one of the few things that I have absolutely no issue with as many of tax dollars as possible going toward.

Cindy Tanner said...

The most fun children's library feature has to be the carpet lined bathtubs that were at the Grapevine TX Public Library.

Regularly scheduled movie days bring in kids and parents.

I have learned to play Phillipino Mah Jong with a group at the library. Don't forget book clubs for kids and adults.

I agree about ordering books on-line and have them waiting for me a few days later...especially handy for homeschoolers!

My sister's library in MA has an adult reading room with a fake fireplace, overstuffed chairs, floor lamps...lots of relaxing ambiance. Love that room.

I love libraries.